Performances > Flowing Body 2005

Flowing Body
Peripheral Visions Video Exhibition & Symposium
Cork Film Centre, Cork
18-20th November 2005

Special thanks to Nigel Rolfe and Sheila Morris for mentorship in developing the piece and filming this performance. Edited by Chris Hurley, Cork Film Centre

In Flowing Body I performed to camera a ritualistic, embodied series of actions relating to the materiality of flowing streams of water. The recorded images look like water is erupting from and onto the body, ambiguously issuing from a spring inside or flowing onto it. In the final composition, a fountain spouts in the solar plexus. I always imagined desire to be a flowing thing, washing over me or through me. A creative and moving force.

Flowing Body is the expression of a fluid eroticism symbolised by water. It is also female maternal experience and the breaking waters of birth. Ceaseless water flows from an internal source. Longing and release, pouring out emotion and the desire for inundation are all streamed in the work.

"She doesn’t hold still, she overflows" Héléne Cixous 1975