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The Lost Runway

Image by Manuel Vason
The Lost Runway

Image by Manuel Vason

Performer: Barbara Dean

Maria del Rosario Ríos

40 years old, is killed through bullet shots by yet unknown assassin (-s) in Juarez Mexico 2002.

Portrayed by Barbara Dean

Materials are brassiers, that cover ,support, enhance and elevate, A mother goddess
Artemis - she emerges from the matriarchal line. Artemis loves but is independent of men - of their companionship or their approval.

She is triple goddess who displays all three aspects of women: the maiden/virgin, the mother, and the crone. Artemis rules over birth, life, love, death, time, and fate. Artemis is the "multi-breasted goddess" she nurtures all living things.

She is the virgin/maiden and crone and no longer gives birth herself, but protects those who do. She is
goddess of the hunt, the moon, fertility, childbirth, young women, pregnant women, wild animals, the bear, wolves, dogs, deer.

Artemis valued virginity - not the definition of virginity we culturally view as "not engaging in sexual intercourse" - but virginity in that she was whole and complete without relationship. She didn't require partnership with another in order to rule her dominion.